April is a young fish-headed woman and as all fishes she is obsessed with water. But the problem is, the more she touches water, the more it goes toxic for her.

When she thinks she is finally trapped by her addiction, hope appears and a bear fishes her out.



This short movie talks about addiction, one in particular : alcoholism.

But, why surrealism is the best boat to ship on the ocean of such a serious journey?

Because the profound goal of this movie is not just about scratching the upper surface of this matter by showing “the symptoms” of alcoholism, but to dive deeply into it, portray the main character, get into the darkest places of her mind, enter her privacy and her feelings. We choose a psychological approach for this movie, and that is why surrealism seemed to be the best direction.

And, with no surprise, Magritte is the main reference of our movie because of the way he plays with the gap between an object / a subject and it’s representation.